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Episode 18-LIVE at the 2018 AADOM Conference- "Conference Reflections from Heather Colicchio"

Episode Summary

In this episode of LIVE from the 14th Annual AADOM Conference, I got the opportunity to speak with Heather Collichio, Founder and President of AADOM. She shared her thoughts on this years event and we also took a stroll down memory to look back at how far the conference has come!

Episode Notes

The 14th Annual AADOM Conference in San Antonio on July 19th-21st was just another shining example of how AADOM is adding value to entire Dental Profession!

Tribe, learning, networking, I Am and more learning are just a few examples describing what the experience was all about.

So, in an effort to capture some of the energy from the conference and bring it to you on your drive to the practice or while you are taking an evening stroll, we wanted to share some "highlights" from this years 14th Annual Conference.