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Episode 47-AADOM Radio "How to increase your Case Acceptance and keep the money you produce!" w/Vanessa Buchheit

Episode Summary

MOST DOCTORS THINK, “I tell the patient what they need and they get it.” But a funny thing happens when patients leave the operatory and walk to the parking lot. The clearly established “need” starts to fade from memory. This is just one reason why case acceptance is lower than most doctors would like. According to a survey we conducted at Henry Schein, the national average for case acceptance is between 55% and 60%, a far cry from most dentists’ expectations. This podcast will provide SIMPLE and EASY ways to increase your case acceptance.

Episode Notes

AADOM Radio & Henry Schein Dental Present:

Vanessa Buchheit

Podcast Learning  Objectives:

• Tracking Case Acceptance and what to do with the results

• Locating your patients value and using it to overcome objections

• The importance of an effective patient handoff

• Inform before you perform!

More About Vanessa:

Vanessa Buchheit has 16 years of experience in the dental field. After success as an office manager completing many different coaching and management programs herself and having a 90% case acceptance rate as a treatment coordinator, Vanessa joined Henry Schein as a practice development coach and was quickly one of the most respected professionals in her industry. 

Vanessa has lectured extensively on several dental topics related to leadership in the practice, implementing periodontal programs, increasing case acceptance, or how to increase your New Patients with internal marketing. 

She also has several published articles such as "Stop hanging up on your new patients" in dental economics. Using her real world professional experience coupled with her mastery of the business and attention to detail. She has the ability to identify areas for growth, implement winning systems and strategies. She now provides coaching and systems implementation with a hands-on approach that increases production and reduces stress.


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