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Episode 80-AADOM Radio-Make the Case for Attending AADOM21

Episode Summary

If you have never had the opportunity to attend the AADOM Conference and want to learn more, this is the episode for you!! Listen in as 2 Practice Administrators of the Year share their experiences, tips on how the get the most out of conference as well as some fun bonus material!

Episode Notes

AADOM Radio Presents:

Debbie Evans, MAADOM and Jennifer Steadman BSDH, RDH, MAADOM

Some of the topics discussed:

How did you get involved in AADOM, when, what was the first meeting you attended?

Can you describe your first meeting, what did you learn, how did you implement with your team, how did you get team buy in if they weren't there, etc.

How many conferences have you attended?

Do you bring your team with you?

Does your doctor support your involvement and ultimately your attendance at conference? How did you convince him/her that this was a solid investment?

What advice would you give a new office manager, or perhaps even a veteran office manager, as to why they should attend the conference?

For that new office manager, or the veteran who has never attended, what steps would you recommend they take to show their doctor the value of attending and how they should follow up with the doctor post conference to solidify what they learned?

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