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Episode 88-AADOM Radio-You Got a 5 Star Review, Now What? Ryan White-Weave

Episode Summary

You just got a five-star review and it feels great! Validation that you are doing things right. But after a few moments of celebration, are you going back to the regular day or utilizing these great reviews to help generate more patients? Is this podcast I want to talk about how you can turn positive - and even negative reviews - into new patient generating machines! Best of all, it's free, all it takes is some knowledge and effort.

Episode Notes

AADOM Radio & Weave Present:

Ryan White-Senior Dental Marketing Manager

Learning Objectives:

During this podcast you will learn:

1) What to do after getting a 5-Star review

2) How to remedy bad reviews and turn them into positives

3) Build a review strategy to get new patients

About Ryan:

Ryan White, Weave's Senior Dental Marketing Manager, has spent the last decade helping practices optimize their marketing processes and utilizing tech in the efforts. Before coming to Weave, Ryan worked for Ultradent Products, where he helped offices sell more whitening through engaging marketing campaigns. Additionally, he spent the last 3 years helping practices utilize free digital marketing channels to attract new patients.

Ryan currently resides in Salt Lake with his wife and two kids. In his spare time he is either canyoneering in the deserts or continuing his life-long search for the best Mexican food in the U.S.

Ryan's Email: Ryan.White@GetWeave.Com

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